Yelitza Gomez of Uchiko Shares Fun Family Facts


Yelitza Gomez of Uchiko is a silent bundle of sarcasm and constant source of laughter. She’s works as a server, sushi girl and most recently, a food trainer. Always working to make everyone on her team better, Yelitza also assembled the Uchiko Fish Bible. An information catalog of all the fish we’ve ever had come through Ko. In between sauce class and the sushi bar, we asked Yelitza to share some fun facts about herself. Here is what she had to say:

  1. If she were and animal she would be a mix between an owl and a jaguar.
  2. Yuzu kosho, a citrus, garlic paste also referred to as ‘Green Gold’, would be the one thing from Uchiko she could never live without.
  3. When asked what her passion is in life she said, “cute boys!” …Just don’t tell her boyfriend!

Thanks for sharing Ms. Yelitza Gomez!

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