Watermelon Cocktails (and Summer) Forever


Watermelon is the flavor of summer. It’s light and juicy with just the right amount of sweet to satisfy a sweaty craving. Typically, by mid-September, any hint of the summer flavor has been eradicated from beverage list to pave the way for pumpkin-everything. But we live in Texas where summer is forever. So why not have watermelon forever? Or at least for the time being.

From Uchi Dallas to Uchi Houston (including Austin in between), you will find some incarnation of a watermelon sake cocktail. Like the food, each restaurant has put their own spin on the refreshing melon cocktail. Hai Beverage Director Chris Melton helped to oversee each recipe to ensure continuity. Outside of that, the bar team in-house was responsible for creating each drink.

watermelon cocktails

The Sherry Suika: fino sherry, cold sake, watermelon. Created by Cameron Cronin for Uchi Dallas.
Photo by Cameron Cronin

In Dallas, the Sherry Suika was debuted within the first batch of cocktails ever available at Uchi Dallas.

watermelon cocktails

Sakerinha: watermelon, lime, sake available at Uchi Austin.
Photo by Olivia Fuccello

Uchi Austin has chose to feature watermelon as their seasonal fruit in their rotating Sakerinha; a recipe inspired by a traditional caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail.

And down south, an Uchi Houston‘s bartender designed a cocktail that would utilize a watermelon ice cube as the flavor vessel. The cube sits in the glass and dissolves as the sake is poured into the glass.

Stop in to one, or all, of the Uchi’s to get your hands on one of these great drinks. Texas or not, summer won’t last forever. We suggest to embrace it while you can!


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