Violet Beauregarde Cocktail at Top Knot Best Enjoyed with a Patio


Violet Beauregarde and blueberries are synonymous to Top Knot bartender, Ashley Spurgin. After all, the Willy Wonka character that literally became a blueberry is pretty hard to forget. So naturally when it came to name TK’s new blueberry cocktail, created by Spurgin, the name was obvious. She said, “I couldn’t help myself. The name was too perfect.”

Recently, Ashley’s been hard at work researching and developing the new cocktail. Inspired by her personal preference for blueberries, she looked to a TK classic for inspiration. Borrowing the vodka, berry and thyme base from The Birdhouse Bramble, she began to craft her cocktail.violet beauregarde

The Violet Beauregarde is made with vodka, blueberries, lime, mint and thyme. A drink that is first interpreted by the palette as sweet and pretty comes off more complex through the finish. Thanks to Velvet Falernum (fah-LEHR-num). This Barbadian liquor is used in many Caribbean cocktails as an over all flavor enhancer. With notes of lime, ginger and clove it was the perfect compliment to complete the Violet Beauregarde. “I definitely enjoy it personally,” says Spurgin. “It’s a drink that I would want if I were sitting in this perfect patio weather we’ve been having lately.” 

We couldn’t agree more. Cheers Ashley! Keep up the good work.

All photos by Thomas Do, Top Knot FOH

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