Uchi Dallas Alum Jeff Miller Serves Up Sustainable Sushi in NYC


It’s not everyday that one of our own leaves the nest. When they do however, we like to brag on their latest accomplishments. About a month ago, Uchi Dallas head sushi chef Jeff Miller, packed his bags for The Big Apple. Since then, he has been hard at work in his new home New York Sushi Ko. His first endeavor upon arrival: to prep for a month long sustainable sushi pop-up.

Mayanoki is NYC’s first sustainable sushi restaurant, as recognized by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. Starting in 2012, the city’s only sustainable omakase sushi option has been popping up in corners around the city ever since. When Sushi Ko owner John Daly offered Mayanoki the sublet of a lifetime on the Lower East Side for the month of August, along with a chef to run the show, the offer was hard to refuse.

For more on Jeff Miller, sustainable sushi, and Mayanoki read the full article from Thrillist.

Photo courtesy of Kirin USA

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