Style Files: Tasha Lindahl


She’s that girl who always looks like a million bucks, but probably spent ten on her entire outfit. Including the shoes. Yes, if thrifting were an Olympic sport, Tasha Lindahl would bring home the gold. Heck, maybe even the silver and bronze. She’s just that good. Recently promoted to the Austin Reservations Manager for Hai Hospitality, Tasha has been sporting stylish second hand outfits since her early beginnings as an Uchiko host (4 years ago). As someone who inspires me in my day-to-day sartorial struggle, I asked Tasha to share a little about her style. Here is what she had to say:

Hai Times: When did you start to develop your personal sense of style?

Tasha Lindahl: Growing up, my mother was always super stylish. She used to dress my sister and me up in matching outfits and do photo shoots in our backyard. She created a dress up box with all of her old clothes and during sleepovers, my sister and I would run around eating candy in the most amazing vintage attire. As I got older, it was always a tradition for the three of us (my mom, sister and myself) to go shopping on Wednesday nights when my Stepfather went to play tennis with his bros. This began my addiction to fashion and my desire to never wear the same thing twice. In middle school, my Stepmother taught me how to sew and introduced me to the wonders of thrift shopping. The next Christmas, my family pooled together to buy me my first sewing machine. From then on, thrifting and altering vintage clothing became my hobby, and I became my own mannequin.


HT: Who influences your style?

TL: My mother, my friends, history and cinema


HT: Any specific style icons you look to?

TL: Oh, definitely. Alexa Chung, Frida Khalo, Twiggy, Iris Apfel and The Olsen Twins.


HT: How would you describe your personal style?

TL: Eclectic. I go through phases. I fluctuate between 50s-90s styles depending on my mood or what movie has recently inspired me to play around with a particular decade.


HT: Where do you like to shop?

TL: Blue Velvet, Savers, foreign markets when I travel and even my own closet. I have a small vintage collection for sale, Funky Pants, that comes in handy at times.


HT: What was the first apparel (clothes, shoes, accessories) item you can remember being excited about?

TL: When I went through a brief tom boy phase, I used to wear matching 90s windbreaker sets. I freaking loved those.


HT: Why is style so important to you?

TL: It’s the only way I can creatively express myself on a daily basis. I love how evolved fashion is today, and how much it incorporates several generations of style. There’s nothing quite as fun as looking fabulous.

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