Knives & Ink Curates Culinary Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them


Knives & ink have always been captivating to me. Especially when they can be observed in the same place. I grew up in a restaurant owning family which gave me ample time to observe the kitchen. Watching tattooed arms wield glistening blades through protein and produce. My mind would run away with elaborate stories behind the life of their tattoo. Until recently, I thought this was “my thing”, but apparently it’s a shared interest.

So much so that Isaac Fitzgerald and Wendy MacNaughton decided to write a book about it. Out this month, Knives & Ink catalogs chefs, their tattoos and the stories behind them. Beautiful illustrations of the chefs featured ink are a nice touch in exchange for high-res photos. The chefs themselves are as unique as the stories they share. Some tell tales of loss and remembrance, while others credit their ink as daily inspiration. And in the spirit of baring their souls, some share recipes as well.

Tattoos, like cooking, are works of art. I haven’t been this amped to purchase a new book (at full price) since Sophia Amoruso released Girl Boss. It will be like all of my childhood day dreams come true. And I am sure I’ll be inspired to cook up a storm or head to the tattoo shop. Heck, probably one right after the other. Knives & ink are addicting after all.

Image property of Wendy MacNaughton

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