Community Table



Monday, February 8, 7 p.m.

In celebration of sister restaurant Top Knot in Dallas opening on February 3, Uchi Houston and Chef JB Gross will showcase the Top Knot menu as part of the monthly Community Table. The menu will feature sharable plates with market ingredients and flavors from Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Japan.

About Community Table:
Extending the tradition of drawing flavor inspiration from numerous points around the globe, Uchiko and Uchi Houston offer a private monthly Community Table. The five-course meal features a themed menu consisting of ingredients differing from the original Uchi fare. Creating the unique feast is something the chefs look forward to, in keeping their culinary skills and creativity sharp. The experience is hosted in a secluded area in Austin and the Private Dining Room in Houston and creates a unique opportunity to interact with the Chef de Cuisines as they present and explain the inspiration behind each course. It is important to the restaurant to keep the intimate meal reasonably priced, as a thank you to the guests

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