Hai Dad! Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Hai Hospitality!

We know how dad’s can get if they feel left out. The strong, silent types need some love too. We asked our staff to share some Father’s Day love in the form of food related memories with our readers. From new dads to moms who picked up dad-duty without complaint, we have it all here at Hai.

father's day

Top Knot Chef Alex Astranti was memorialized with new son Luca on a Felt+Fat custom ramen bowl.

For Top Knot’s upcoming Summer Ramen Series, our maker friends from Felt+Fat have been hard at work on custom ramen bowls. On this particular ware, they chose to immortalize TK’s sous chef, Alex Astranti and his new baby, Luca.

father's day

Kipp Whitman, father of Chris Whitman, General Manager at Uchiko.

Chris Whitman, General Manager, Uchiko: “I remember my dad taking me to have sushi the first time at a place called Sushi Ko which was a quiet little sushi bar in Beverly Hills at the top of Beverly Glen Blvd.  I was probably about 5 or 6 years old and those first few visits, all I would eat was ebi nigiri.  One time I crushed 36 pieces in one sitting. It was at that point that he realized he had made a terrible mistake by introducing me to sushi.”

father's day

Jenn Morton, Assistant General Manager at Uchi Austin, with her mom.

Jenn Morton, Assistant GM, Uchi Austin: “We grew up without a father and my mother had to be both mom and dad, so we always call her on Father’s Day to thank her for doing such a great job!  She worked multiple jobs to support us and when she got home from work she was too tired to cook anything extravagant, so she would whip up something hella resourceful and delicious in 15 minutes flat.  My two favorites were bagel “mini pizzas” and a Velveeta queso with ground beef, Rotel tomatoes, and guacamole.  She was always so inspiring, turning nothing into something, and finding creative ways to make leftovers taste good!”

father's day

Sam Martin, Brand and Creative Director at Hai Hospitality, with his three sons Ford (15), Wren (11), and Walter (5).

Sam Martin, Brand and Creative Director for Hai Hospitality: “We snapped this photo outside of Counter Culture on Cesar Chavez during the winter. It was cold. It was the first photo of all four of us I can remember and it can double as our band pic if we ever start one. I think the best food memory I have with these guys is our Thursday night dinners at home with the whole family. They never go as planned. Someone is always getting up from the table. Another person doesn’t like the food. A phone will ring. There’s an argument. But I still love them because they represent our family: hectic, different, big, loud, and always interested. Every once in a while we all contribute to a discussion about politics or current affairs, or we just exchange memories.”


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