Hai Chefs Get Dirty with MUNCHIES


During a recent trip to New York City, some of our top Hai Hospitality chefs were invited to check out the Vice MUNCHIES headquarters and get dirty. If you aren’t familiar with MUNCHIES, it is essentially Vice Media’s Food Network. But without glamorized cooking contests.

Once chefs Tyson Cole, Angela Hernandez, Kaz Edwards, and Joe Zocolli arrived to MUNCHIES headquarters they were invited into the rooftop garden for some Dirty Work. While it was literally ‘dirty work’ foraging through the massive garden over looking the East River, the results of the harvest were clean and simple. In true Uchi fashion.

For the full article, including a recipe for the Brazino Crudo the team prepared, head over to MUNCHIES. And then fall down the rabbit hole of culinary content. You won’t be disappointed.

Photo courtesy of Vice MUNCHIES

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