Marc Lamoreaux

IT Director

Marc is originally from Michigan, but as the saying goes, ‘he got to Texas as fast as he could.’

Marc holds a BS in Applied Science in Network Engineering from Davenport Business College in Grand Rapids MI, but his engineering skills began as a young kid working on cool cars. Marc continues to tinker with cars—especially his 1968 Volkswagon Camp Mobile—but has applied his technology and network engineering skills in helping companies keep pace with the ever-changing IT environment.

Prior to joining Hai Hospitality, Marc worked with Chuy’s Restaurants for 9 years, overseeing the network infrastructure and technology expansion, increasing growth in operations from 8 to 83 restaurants.

When he’s not building IT networks or tinkering with old, cool cars, you can find him paddling the beautiful Texas rivers with his wife Melissa and kids: Jacob, Erynn and Edie.

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