Core Menu Evolution: Chef Castillo Remixes Uchi’s Ocha Zuke


Core menu evolution is all about keeping the classics fresh and interesting. Chef Michael Castillo, the Chef de Cuisine at Uchi Austin, recently updated one of their staple dishes: Ocha Zuke. A dish Chef had always enjoyed eating, but with a few modifications.

If you never had the chance to try to O.G. version of Ocha Zuke, we can’t help you. However, if you want to taste a delicious new version with Grilled Salmon, Chili Oil, Negi, Myoga, Nori strips, Dashi and Sushi Rice, you won’t be disappointed.

Evolution, growth, and change are a huge part of what we do, especially when it comes to our food. We are constantly looking for ways to evolve and grow. On the subject of “constant-change”, the philosopher Heraclitus said that you cannot step into the same river twice because the river is constantly changing and so are you.

For those of you who have seen Uchi food evolve over the years, you know how inspiring it is to see the evolution and the people who make it happen. Evolution is growth and adaptation. Sometimes growing hurts and it can be hard to adapt. Despite the pain and the struggles evolution may bring, the outcome as we grow is always better and stronger and everyone plays a part.

This video was produced by Uchi Austin server and bartender Felipe Lerner and his production company Pebba Media.

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