Dinner Wear with DYLAN WYLDE


Getting dressed for dinner can be hard. Especially in Austin where the rule is, there are no rules. On any given night, I can look around either restaurant (Uchi or Uchiko) and see people in an array of attire. From yoga leggings and sneaks, to business suits, ties and everything in between. When guest call about what to wear to dinner, it gets tricky. Mostly we encourage guest to dress to their occasion, but what if you need some inspiration for your occasion?dylan wylde

In the spirit of community collaboration, I reached out to some of my favorite local shopping spots for some dinner wear inspiration. Their mission: style an outfit you would want to wear to Uchi or Uchiko. The first stop on this outfit excursion was DYLAN WYLDE on South Lamar. Owner Jessica Conway opened her doors in October of 2015. Every inch of the store is mindfully manicured. In a way that is effortless and cool. Accents of excess, like a sequin animal print bag or studded leather jacket, are few but flawless. Just enough to evoke the classic, casual-yet-cool style vibe that is the common thread of Austin style.dylan wylde

With my photo team in tow, I headed to DYLAN WYLDE after hours to play dress up with Jess. She had just returned from a buying trip with the coolest pant suit set I had seen in awhile. (Complete with detachable sleeves!) While we played with accessories and lip colors, I asked Jessica a few questions about her store and her style. Here is what she had to say:dylan wylde

Hai Times: Who is DYLAN WYLDE?

Jessica Conway: DYLAN WYLDE is sort of an alter-ego… DYLAN, means born of the sea, and WYLDE is a constant reminder of the power of pushing boundaries and is representative of Austin’s free-spirited culture that has been so influential since I moved here.dylan wylde

HT: What was the motivation to open your own store?

JC: Being from Virgina Beach, I really wanted to bring a bit of a beach culture to Austin! I felt that the whole thing would really resonate with the Austin community from the laid back vibe, to the nature inspired decor, to the effortless styles of clothing and goods.dylan wylde

HT: Who are some local entrepreneurs you look up to?

JC: I am such a huge fan of Bunkhouse Group and everything they do… So inspiring! Aside from them, I just have so much respect and admiration for any entrepreneur, especially after opening my own business. I know how much heart goes into every detail and there are so many people doing so many awesome things in Austin.dylan wylde

HT: How would you describe Austin’s culture and where it’s going?

JC: Austin is ever growing! We have lots of people moving from New York, LA, and everywhere in between which makes it a great place for idea and inspiration sharing. I think overall Austin naturally attracts creative people, and for that reason, it will continue to become culturally enriched.dylan wylde

HT: What’s your date night style tip?

JC: Dress in a way that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. A little leather never hurts either!

HT: And last, but not least! I like to ask everyone to share a moment recently you had where you felt high on life. A “hai time” if you will. Do you have anything that comes to mind?

JC: Just the other day when I was on my flight back from LA, I saw one of the most gorgeous sunsets of my life. It’s moments like that that just fill me up with such joy and gratitude and just straight blow my mind!

dylan wylde

A big thanks to Jessica for participating in our first ever Dinner Wear profile on Hai Times. DYLAN WYLDE is located on South Lamar, behind Sukha Yoga. You can find them on Facebook or Instagram if you can’t make it into the shop immediately. You’ll want to soon after you’ve stalked them.

Photographer: Abby Johnson; Photography Assistant: Taylor Henderson

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