Dear Uchi Houston, In Response to Hurricane Harvey


Dear Uchi Houston,

Since the day you opened over 5 years ago, you have never closed your doors more than two days in a row (and those were planned). That stat is a badge of honor, much like former Major League Baseball player Cal Ripken who set a record for 2,632 consecutive games played throughout his career. It is a tribute to your grittiness, toughness, and dedication to consistently delivering an unforgettable experience. Last week, without your consent, Harvey forced you to move that number of days to five.

As we know Harvey will leave his permanent mark on the City of Houston, it is in this moment we count our blessings because we know we have been far more fortunate than thousands of others. Our heart goes out to everyone’s families, loved ones, and those who suffered a loss. If there is anything you think we can do to help, let us know.

Last year at this time we were celebrating at your annual party. This year it has unfolded much differently. We thank you for your understanding and support in postponing the annual event.

As we determine the focus of a Hai Hospitality’s relief contribution, we are inspired by your example, the way you have responded with the work you are doing to support the community and the people around you. Neighbor helping neighbor is what hospitality is all about and you are an example to us all. Thank you for all that you do. We know it’s hard work cooking for hundreds more on top of your normal everyday tasks.

As assessments are being made and the extent of damage is being calculated, please let us know if there is anything you recommend we do. We know the Uchi Houston and Hai Family touches many more than those who work for us directly and/or currently. Although we can’t reach everyone, we want to support our team and extended family with as much impact as possible.  You can email editor@haihospitality.com.

In the meantime, Chef Tyson and team participated in an event scrambled together in Austin with an All-Star Chef line-up called “Austin Chefs Night Out.” 100% of proceeds went to Harvey Relief efforts.

Uchi Houston, thank you again for all that you do and all that you are doing.


Team Hai Hospitality

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