Hai-lloween: Costume Inspiration for a Spooky Service #haihalloween


Costume decisions, like many other major life choices, take serious brainstorming. On October 31st, the crucial moment will arrive when you must decide on what to wear for service on All Hallows’ Eve. Trolling Amazon, raiding the racks of your local thrift store, cardboard and construction paper are great resources, keep in mind you want to be comfortable and considerate of your fellow and guests. As creative as a giant avocado toast costume sounds, it might not serve you well when handling a hot rock or navigating through the dining room with a bottle of sake.

Although the Stay Puft Marshmallow man made a great picture, he made a lousy SA. In keeping with the spirit of delight, not fright, we are confident you will blow us away with your creativity and originality. Happy dressing-up and make sure to use #HaiHalloween for your social media posting.  Here are some amazing costumes from the past:




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