CUC17: Who, What, When, Where, Why?


CUC17, or Compeat User Conference, commenced earlier this month in Austin, Texas. A few of our Hai Home Office Team Members attended and we wanted to get the skinny from them on exactly what the heck this thing was all about. Big thanks to Jack Schutze, Leah Hayes and Tony Hopkins for filling us in with this recap. Also the theme of the conference was “Back to the Future” which might explain the Deloiran and Doc Brown outfit.

1) What is the Compeat User Conference and have you been before?

Jack Schutze (Accounting Associate): The CUC is a chance for Compeat (restaurant specific accounting software) to have the employees as well as customers come together and connect. While showcasing the products they will offer in the future, we reflect on where we all came from and lessons learned from the past. While the theme was future-oriented, there were multiple workshops and roundtables to troubleshoot current products or learn about tips others are already using. Additional to the energetic nerd frenzy, there was a sense of family after learning that we face the same battles and share many goals. First timer, 10/10 would recommend.
Anthony Hopkins (Procurement Manager): I went last year for the first time…
Leah Hays (Accounting Manager): Nerd Alert, I’ve been to the conference 4 times.

2) What was the most memorable event at the CUC17?

JS: Most memorable moment (besides T-Hop and I showing everybody how to dance) would be the speech from Amy Zganjar from No Kid Hungry on child hunger. It was eye-opening as well as inspiring. There are simple steps we can all do to help kids get food. Even if that is just destigmatizing the idea that being hungry means someone is destitute. It is more common that we want to admit.
TH:  Zach bull riding. He was on there for a while. I also liked the presentation from No Kid Hungry. It’s a great non-profit and we’ve partnered with them before.
LH: Besides seeing two members of our Hai team ride an electric bull, I enjoyed the guest speaker, Jim Knight. Jim’s focused on culture which is obviously very important to our group and it was insightful.

3) What was your biggest takeaway from the conference?

JS: Software alone is not the solution to the success of restaurants. With all the automation and intelligence metrics of the modern era, what is still most important are relationships and the drive to always get better. The same things that make our restaurants successful are parallel to the path of Compeat. They have a passionate team and are committed to making their software and the world in general better.
TH:  I had a one-on-one meeting with someone from the implementation team who is coming by this week to help us set up Loro’s Compeat profile for success.

4) If you could share any event/information/news/update/best practice with someone else, what would it be?

JS: If they are in the restaurant game, I would make sure they know of Compeat and would strongly encourage them to use the software. Having been on both sides entering invoices as a Sous and then receiving invoices as an accountant I personally understand the value Compeat provides. It is the best option for our model and will keep getting better.
TH: Compeat will be web-based in 2018. It will be accessible from any computer and will have a smoother user interface. We should be able to do inventory counts on a tablet which will eliminate paper and time transposing information.
LH: The importance of using the theoretical costing in Compeat. I’ve always been a fan of it but hearing stories from other restaurant groups that struggled with controlling COGS, especially food, I couldn’t stress more how valuable of a tool it is.
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