Andrew Kolbe of Uchiko Shares Fun Family Facts


Meet Andrew Kolbe of Uchiko! Lovingly referred to as Kolbe by most. He is one of our extraordinary pastry chefs. In fact, he is the creator of the Coco Hazelnut dessert currently featured on the Uchiko specials menu. Between plating Fried Milk and prepping macaroons, we stopped to asked Andrew Kolbe to share some fun family facts with us. This is what he had to say:

  1. Andrew Kolbe is from Houston and has lived in Texas his whole life. Except for that one time he studied abroad in Rome.
  2. He graduated from University of Texas Austin with a degree in Antropology.
  3. His favorite dessert of all time is ice cream.

You won’t ever find Andrew on the floor at Uchiko, but you can definitely experience his talents by trying his dessert. The Coco Hazelnut will only be featured for a limited time. However, this wasn’t his first (and definitely not last) special treat.

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