Top Knot Teams Up with Promise of Peace Gardens


Recently on Hai Times we’ve been talking a lot about the efforts put forth by fellow industry leaders to improve the global food culture. From Chef Massimo in Rio to Cafe´ Momentum in Dallas, people all over are using food for good. Feeling inspired, we thought we’d share some of our own efforts.

Between brunches and pop-up dinners, Top Knot Sous Chef Alex Astranti has been searching for the perfect opportunity to become further involved in Dallas’ local food culture. Partnering with the home grown nonprofit organization, Promise of Peace Gardens, this past July Chef Astranti and the crew at Top Knot took over a few of the garden beds Promise of Peace leases.


Chef Alex Astranti leads his team in replanting the gardens.

Promise of Peace Gardens works with the community to “transform vacant spaces into thriving places.” Over the past seven years, they’ve transformed several unused plots across the Dallas Metro area into urban gardens. By providing access to horticulture and environmental education, P.O.P hopes that those involved will gain a sense a place and respect for their community.


“Drink, drink, drink!”

“I chose POP over other gardens because of that reason,” says Astranti. “I believe new generations need to be educated on where their food comes from. They work with a lot of kids who wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn about fruits and vegetables otherwise.”


Top Knot crew after a long day in their Promise of Peace urban gardens.

Promise of Peace has developed several initiatives to educate those involved. The community food tastings founder Elizabeth Dry and her student gardening club host around the area seem highly impactful. Last summer, The Dallas Morning News quoted one of Dry’s students reactions. The first grader said she used to take a pre-packed Lunchable to school everyday. She didn’t know about healthy foods before POP. Now she no longer brings a Lunchable to school.


The Top Knot/Promise of Peace garden beds thriving.

Educating the communities youth on healthy eating is just one of the many goals Chef Astranti has for the Top Knot Promise of Peace gardens. Developing bonds between his staff and harvesting local ingredients for the restaurant are also on the list. Feeling inspired? You can connect with Promise of Peace through their website. Outside of Dallas, the Austin and Houston communities offer plenty of opportunities to dig in (pun intended). For more on the TK gardens’ growth follow us on Facebook and Instagram as well as the @haihospitality SnapChat channel.

Photos courtesy of Alex Astranti and Angela Hernandez.

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